The Passagenviertel – favorite place of the bloggers

The most famous german bloggers are from Hamburg. Whether Xenia Overdose, Sofia Tsakiridou or Caro Daur, these Instagram Influencers are successful all over the world.

Luckily the pretty girls never forget where they come from and still like to spend time in Hamburg. They are often spotted in the beautiful Passagenviertel. Whether shopping, drinking a matcha latte in the Uzwei deli, lunch at the It-place Atelier F or for a facial at Babor. If you would like to take a photo with them, just have a look in the area and you might see them.


Credit Instagram @carodauer

Sofia Tsakiridou 3

Sofia Tsakiridou (Credit Instagram @matiamubysofia)

Laura Noltemeyer

Laura Noltemeyer (Credit Instagram @designdschungel)