Urban Oases

Today’s shopping passages present themselves as small oases for the senses creating moments of bliss and catering to exclusive needs.T14_passagenviertel_018he construction of the first shopping passage attracted the first strollers to the area already in the 19th century, encouraging the construction of similar properties and resulting in a dense network of passages. In 2011 the Passagenviertel was designated as a Business Improvement District (BID). Residents, retailers, pedestrians and, in particular, customers today benefit from the carefully implemented optimisation measures.
Thanks to the initiative taken by the property owners, a sum of five million euros was invested in upgrading the streetscape and enhancing the attractiveness of the network of passages. The unique charm of the quarter also stems from its historic roots in Hamburg. Historians have searched local archives for items of particular interest and unearthed a number of surprising facts and events. Their stories are only a mouse click away.